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              1. ABOUT US
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                JFSK is a company with many years of automotive electronics and related hardware and software technology research and development experience in high-tech enterprises. With years of unremitting efforts in the video surveillance industry, the company not only developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, and master and accumulated a large number of leading industry-level technology and research and development experience. "JFSK" is our own brand, our products include Beidou 3G / 4G video SD card car video recorders, 3G / 4G video one machine, 3G / 4G and local hard drive car video recorders, driving recorder, GPS terminal series Products, and law enforcement forensics equipment, 3G / 4G individual soldiers, police PTZ and peripheral equipment. All products are used in the industry's most advanced H.264 / MPEG4 compression technology, product performance, stable and reliable. With deep research and development skills and production strength, the peak time not only provide high-quality products, quality services for customers inside and outside the industry to provide a variety of practical product application solutions and installation of technical support to improve the maximum value of product applications.


                JFSK has a dedicated, enterprising, united, young and highly qualified workforce. Companies to pursue - only for the quality of business philosophy, science and technology people-oriented, customer needs is our efforts in the direction. Only to do high-quality, multi-innovation, all varieties, excellent service to become the most trusted partner of the partners. To this end, the peak of the customer's interests will be the first time to customer satisfaction as a work center, customer service, the urgency of urgency, and continuously improve customer satisfaction!


                JFSK has strong technical force, excellent product base and first-class service concept, in good faith, professional, efficient and innovative spirit of enterprise, is willing to provide industry leaders, professional, high-quality technical support and product services.

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