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          Interview: JFSK General Manager Bai Jianfeng

          He was a soldier and he came to Shenzhen a few years ago with his dreams. He came to Shenzhen alone and came to Shenzhen for the first time. He was only a bottom-line salesman, he couldn’t afford the background, and he couldn’t afford to fight. The only thing he could fight was hard work. jobs. In order to have a place in Shenzhen, he never gave up, how many times he refused to work, how many failed, and how many times he did not defeat him. Although he looked from the distance and looked at the weak and weak of the culture, he never had a bad idea, but he always had a strong heart, a spirit of disobedience! It is also in the bones of admit defeat, only let him go to today, only with the current achievements!

          Background of establishment:
          Entrepreneurship - a term that many people hang around with, but has no courage to act. This era of ours is very good. Everywhere is an opportunity. Our time is very bad. Because we have too many choices, we have trained! Few people think of doing it. What is even more rare is the persistence of all the way. In fact, companies need to have the appropriate spirit and quality. First of all, you must dare to be the world first! Being brave and admiring oneself is an affirmation of oneself. The success of a successful person is to believe in yourself and not to stand still in front of the situation. If you think of it, do it immediately! Second, you have to have a pattern! The pattern is the character of arrogance, arrogance, selflessness, fearlessness, and lofty aspirations; that is, it is not for the benefit of a moment, and it is not for the short-sightedness to speak of a short and long air; it is a disgraceful semblance of laughter; Fighting waves is more than just taking a stroll.

          With the goal set, we will go forward bravely, without compromise, and without discouragement! Can be slow but not broken! This is what Bai always says repeatedly. He always said that our company, what we do: tight schedules, heavy tasks, high standards! Our core competitiveness is quick response and flexibility. We must respond to the demands of customers and employees with the fastest speed. It is difficult to conduct business from "0" to "1", but from "1" to "10" is much easier. Maybe many times, hard work will not necessarily succeed, but if you do not work hard, you will not succeed. It is this determination, courage and execution that have made it a peak today!

          History of development:
          In fact, the establishment of the company was accidental. At a party a few years ago, it inspired the idea of B.S.’s self-employment, and then he said! In a short time, the company was established! From site selection and decoration to staff recruitment and equipment, to formal operations, everything is in one go, without any hesitation, and all positions are in place at the scheduled time. To say that there are no difficulties or setbacks along the way, it is impossible, but how to overcome these problems? Many people may think about thinking how to solve problems. But there is a kind of person. He just keeps on doing it. He simply believes: Do it, there will be help from an honorable person. Perhaps this is only a comfort and encouragement, but it turns out that as long as constant efforts and efforts are made, the honorable person is everywhere and the problem is solved in the implementation process. Attitude is correct, all problems are no longer a problem. When I think about it back, everyone around me is an elegant person.

          Many people know that the development of a company depends on the boss's thinking and pattern. Bai always upholds the belief that honesty wins the world, doing one thing with one's heart, and determination to make one thing the ultimate! The development of the vehicle-mounted monitoring system industry in China has continued for many years. Many companies have come in and many companies have fallen. When other companies are in transition, we are adhering to it. When others are targeting other edge industries, we are focusing. It is also the persistence and focus of this one. He leads the people of the whole company up and down, the goal is the same, all the way forward! Experienced a period of twists and turns, survived in this industry steadily! To this day, in the industry of on-board monitoring systems, the peak hours are already well-known. In addition, we also re-created our own brand name - Beidou Hezhong, and received a trademark certification.

          Looking to the future:
          Mr. Bai's greatest wish is to continue to carry out one thing in the end, so that our brand, Compendium Hezhong, can achieve the benchmark of this industry and have industry influence!

          Here, each of us just plays our role and does it ourselves! For our entire company, in order to carry the platform of many entrepreneurs dreams, dedication and burning themselves! Here, as long as you have dreams, ambitions and abilities, we welcome you! Everyone here is a part of the company and it is the owner! Here, every effort can be maximized and rewarded. The future is no longer a single fight, but a group of people playing the world, these can be interpreted here!

          Xiao Bian:
          No boss has ever been able to share his business with painstaking efforts, but here I see the essence of a true partnership! Mr. BAI’s plan for the future of the company is that every peak person can be the master of the company and operate the company in the form of shareholding. Ma Yun once said: People must have dreams, if they realize it? Ma Yun’s dream is to make Alibaba live for 102 years, and Bai’s dream is to be sustainable! This time, never afraid of your dreams, for fear that you are on the way to the other side of the dream jetty! I believe that as long as there is a firm belief, there is the determination to never give up, there is confidence that you can achieve, and you have a group of like-minded partners, you will certainly be able to reach!

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