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          In recent years, with the rise of China's security brand, coupled with the country’s emphasis on information security and homeland security, security industry brands have stepped up efforts in the overall market, and traditional industries have accelerated to advance into the security industry. Because of this, the overcapacity of the market, the openness and transparency of the price of the product are further mature, and the advantages of the security industry are gradually shortening.

          Product function is in line with industry demand is the basis
          At present, with the increasing demand for customization in the industry, product functions and services are constantly groping, and in response to the market for capacity upgrades, such as the ultimate use of truck monitoring programs, we will clearly understand the specific needs of the project in the early stages of the project. What kind of product performance should be achieved, the system must be operated to achieve a stable level of standards, how many items need to be repaired when servicing, what kind of accessories and technical services are required to replace parts, and so on. These were specifically quantified at the initial stage of the project. After obtaining this information, the production tasks and plans were screened and the after-sales service was finally reflected to the user's needs in an efficient, real-time, and accurate manner. What brings to the customer is not only the performance, quality, but also the basis of efficiency and after-sales demand, improving the service quality and product quality, with the actual use demand as the guide.

          The overall performance of the product is the advantage of leading the market
          Undoubtedly, the current competition in the domestic security video surveillance market has been extremely fierce. The industry's price strategy has a great impact on the market, and many equipment manufacturers have to live a hard life. However, under the circumstances that project and product profits have continued to decline, the “Beidou Zhonghe” brand at the peak of our time has not given up on the pursuit of product quality, and the quality and reliability are still the bottom line and our goal for our customers. Although there is not much difference in appearance, the product does not have any details on the table, but before the equipment leaves the factory, it will be strictly tested. Therefore, after the price war is heated up, an effective way to prevent the development of the industry from being damaged is to insist on the quality of the product. Even if the product price is slightly higher than other equipment manufacturers on the quote, but from the cost of the product's subsequent maintenance and upgrade applications, reliable products have advantages in terms of service life and stability. From the perspective of long-term expenses, the total The cost is reduced.

          Avoid low price competition
          Because the previous research and development and testing ensure product quality, it also puts pressure on the cost of the product. When dealing with low-price competition in the market, the space for price reduction is very limited, so under normal circumstances should not fight prices. But through business, technical services, customer tracking to enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately win the user.

          Therefore, we must be happy in the face of low-price competition, because this is only a means to gain an advantage in market competition, and it is not the only method. It is not only us. All Chinese manufacturing industries should continue to insist on the pursuit of product quality. Establishing the product quality is the root of the company's production and the concept of survival. We cannot influence the quality of our products because of falling prices. Based on this, through upgrading the technical strength of R&D, using innovative applications to achieve a reduction in the average cost, the user will then be provided with economical and practical products and solutions, and ultimately the user will be impressed with warm and thoughtful service, and the industry will return to “quality”. + Service is on the right track.

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